Coastal Carolina Football's Hydration Chart Includes Extremely Concerning Pee Color For People Who Aren't Chanticleers

Coastal Carolina football continues to be one of college football's craziest stories. The Chanticleers keep winning just five years after making the jump to the FBS level and the color of their urine might have something to do with their success.

When it comes to athletic performance, staying hydrated is a major key. Coastal doesn't take that lightly.

However, the school's Hydration Chart includes a bizarre color. It would be seriously concerning for anyone who doesn't play football in the Myrtle Beach area.

First and foremost, what is a Hydration Chart?

Five years ago, it was revealed that then-University of Texas head coach had a 'Hydration Chart' posted in every team bathroom. The chart evaluated the color of the Longhorns' pee and gave them a corresponding label.

Herman was ultimately fired at Texas and it is unclear whether the Hydration Chart is still around under Steve Sarkisian. Whether it does or does not, the pee chart's legacy lives on around the country in 2022.

Over the summer, it was revealed that University of Texas at San Antonio also has a pee chart of its own. Where the Longhorns had just four categories, the Roadrunners have seven.

Moving further east, South Carolina is also keeping tabs on urine.

The Gamecocks are not the only fighting chickens in South Carolina who are concerned about the color of their urine. As are the Chanticleers.

Coastal Carolina's pee chart includes a unique color.

Where Texas has four categories, UTSA has seven and South Carolina has six, Coastal Carolina has nine. They aren't particularly creative, but they establish the importance of clear urine.

To be "GREAT," though, requires players to pee... teal?!

While blue urine may be a concern — and medical professionals would agree — in Conway, it's a badge of honor. Teal, of course, is Coastal's primary color. It is also the color of its 'Surf Turf' field.

At the end of last season, quarterback Grayson McCall announced that he was not going to enter the NFL Draft. He was going to return to Coastal for one final season on the collegiate level.

At the time he said, "When I say I piss teal, I mean it."

McCall's legendary declaration has taken on a life of its own in the months since.

Now, to achieve the highest level of hydration at Coastal Carolina, players must also piss teal. If not, according to the Hydration Chart, they are not a Chant.