Coach O Jokes About Making A Radio Show Caller Disappear During Testy Exchange

Things got heated Wednesday night during the Coach O radio show when a caller got through and told the head coach that his sister was in the crowd and said it was her birthday. Ed, trying to be the nice guy and play along, asked where she was in the crowd and he'd send out a happy birthday to the caller's sister.

That's when the Coach O show was sent off the rails.

“Well she is a little blond-headed girl, so try not to have sex with her,” the caller responded to the head coach, who is 8-7 since the national championship season with Joe Burrow. Coach O is 64-48 since arriving at LSU and the loyal Tiger fans are getting a little testy to say the least.

But Coach O still has that fire in his belly. All the caller had to do was activate it. Let's get to the call and then add context for those who might not be up on the LSU drama surrounding the ball coach.

"Let me say something right now, down in the Bayou we have a nice little fishin' hole for people like that," O responds.

Yep, that's going to make headlines.

As for the blond reference, the caller is referencing the blond that Coach O has been enjoying since getting divorced. Orgeron filed for divorce in 2020 from his wife of 23 years just one month after signing a $42 million contract with LSU.

Since then, he's been spotted with this woman, hence the comment from the radio show caller.


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