Cincinnati Tight End Hits 'Unseasoned' Griddy, RGIII Roasts Him Into Oblivion

Cincinnati tight end Josh Whyle gave 'The Griddy' his best shot, but it did not go well and it led him to get roasted on national television by RGIII. Robert Griffin III did not hold back.

If you are somehow still unfamiliar, The Griddy is a viral sensation that started down in New Orleans. After it caught on in the Big Easy, Ja'Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson brought it to the gridiron while at LSU. The Tigers scored a lot of points, went undefeated and won the College Football Playoff National Championship that year, so it got a lot of exposure.

From there, it took off. The Griddy is everywhere. From the NCAA, to the NFL, from the hardwood to the football field, all the way to video games and classrooms across the country.

During the second half of Saturday's game against UCF, Whyle scored on a 14-yard pass to take the lead. In celebration, he gave his best attempt at 'The Griddy.'

Cincinnati tight end Josh Whyle's attempt at the Griddy was not great and RGIII was not impressed.

It started off on the right foot, but quickly devolved.

Now, to Whyle's credit, he might have been mocking Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki, who retired The Griddy from his repertoire after two truly terrible attempts. If Whyle's Griddy was in fact paying facetious homage to Gesicki, it was hilarious. If not, he too needs to retire the dance.

Whether on purpose or not, RGIII did not appreciate Whyle's dance and did not hold back. He joked that Whyle's entire career at Cincinnati, which has seen a lot of success, was ruined by his "unseasoned" Griddy.

Again, Whyle could have been mocking Gesicki. He started off pretty strong and then pivoted toward a goofy gallop, so it may have been intentional. Either way, his phone was surely blowing up in the locker room and Whyle may not want to check his group chats.