Carrie Underwood Checks In From Snowy Tennessee, Cajun Navy Snow Deployment & Ole Miss Students Storm Stadium

Well, this time the local weather guys were right

It snowed, and there definitely weren't too many dry slots last night. The storm didn't veer off course for this part of Ohio. It turns out, we were a bullseye for snow. The official total -- no idea how they came up with one since it was blowing 35mph last night -- was 12.4" at the airport. Here at Kinsey HQ, we're at 15" off the patio door. That's up to the dog's stomach.

Yes, I know that's nothing for the snow belts of Erie, Buffalo, Cleveland in early December before Lake Erie freezes, Marquette, Muskegon, areas off Lake Ontario, etc. The big issue with a massive snowfall here is the amount of commerce that flows through the I-80/I-75 corridor. Things are at a standstill. The QLEDs aren't going out from the Amazon factories, and the old-timers who didn't leave for Florida before the Super Bowl are in big trouble heading south this week.

I'll give it to the local weather people. They're typically very wrong, but this time they actually nailed the forecast, and now I'm left breaking the news to my 8-year-old that he's about to get a lesson in hard work. It's time to earn his keep around here. After Morning Screencaps, it's time to put the shovels to the pavement.

• The latest update on the 5-year-old girl who was injured in the Britt Reid possible DUI crash is that she is awake and out of the coma. Her GoFundMe page is up to $488,000.

• Guess what I saw last night on the nightly news? Variants! They're coming!!Ahhhhh. Just as I suspected. You can't get a new week rolling without scaring the old white hairs during the Monday news. Why watch? I was hoping to catch some sort of weather-related story that I didn't see on Twitter throughout the day. It didn't happen.

• What a year for Detroit sports teams. Matthew Stafford got his wish to get out of town, and now Blake Griffin says enough is enough. The Red Wings are absolutely pitiful, the Tigers are coming off a last place finish, Michigan State hoops is horrible, Michigan football isn't exciting and now Griffin says, "Get me out of here." That leaves Michigan basketball as the only hope for millions of people. No wonder so many people have rallied around the Fredi the PizzaMan story, thanks to Dave Portnoy. There's so little to root for in Michigan that a guy who makes pizza for a great cause is officially a hero.

It's time to take a look at the snow removal job. I'll be back.

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