Cam Newton Hosts New Jackson State Football Coach At His Fancy Cigar Bar In Atlanta

Cam Newton is very vocal with his support of HBCUs. Although he played at Auburn, the former No. 1 overall NFL Draft pick and 2011 MVP often shows up for the culture.

Newton's younger brother, Caylin, played football at Howard. He randomly pulled up at the school's Homecoming earlier this year.

On Thursday night, Cam Newton put his support behind another HBCU program.

Cam Newton and T.C. Taylor chop it up in the ATL.

Jackson State head coach T.C. Taylor, who played for the Tigers and was named Deion Sanders' replacement last week, is in Atlanta for the Celebration Bowl this weekend. He stopped by Fellaship.ATL, a cigar bar and restaurant that is owned by the former Panthers signal-caller.

At Fellaship, a dress code is strictly enforced. Business casual attire is strongly recommended, and ball caps, basketball sneakers and athletic wear is not allowed.

Apparently Taylor got a pass. And rightfully so!

Fellaship, which opened as Newton's first business venture in 2019, offers authentic southern cuisine, stiff cocktails and smooth cigars. He also recently purchased another historic bar in Atlanta.

While it is unclear as to how this meeting of football minds came to be, Taylor coached in North Carolina for quite some time, so perhaps they became connected through the Tar Heel State. Maybe it was pure coincidence and Taylor had Fellaship on his list of places to hit up while in town.

Regardless of the reason, it made for an awesome photo. Newton was dripped out and Taylor was repping the Tigers on his lid.

Not only is the picture great for the memories, it only continues to add to Taylor's "clout," if you will. He's tight with Newton, which is something that a young recruit might find of interest.

And — to really go out on a limb — maybe the conversation went beyond the standard chit chat.

What if Taylor has an opening on his staff that he wants Newton to fill? Something to consider... that would be fun!