Caleb Williams Wants To Play For Young NFL Coach Who Already Has Franchise Quarterback, Reveals Draft Timeline

Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams has at least one year of college football left before he has the option to turn pro. Although he is not sure when that day might come, the USC quarterback is already hopeful that he will end up with the Miami Dolphins.

Williams, 21, will be a junior this fall. He played one strong year at Oklahoma before he followed Lincoln Riley to Los Angeles, and established himself as a star during his first season with the Trojans.

After being named the best player in college football in 2022, the pressure is on. Expectations for Williams to succeed are even higher than before.

Assuming that he replicates (or comes close to) his success from his sophomore season, Williams will have a decision make next offseason. He can return in 2024 for one last year of eligibility or go pro.

The general consensus is that Williams will enter the NFL Draft, but he told PEOPLE that it's not that simple.

I can't say right now . The expectation from everybody would be that I would leave and go pro, but that would be a very, very in the moment kind of decision after speaking to family members and mentors that I believe in and trust their word.

Whenever he does enter the draft, Williams revealed that he is hopeful to end up in Miami. San Francisco, Las Vegas and Atlanta are also at the top of his wishlist.

I like to be around younger coaches. I'd probably go to the Dolphins. I also would be able to play with Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Mike Gesicki. The defense isn't bad. That's probably my number one spot. I also like the colors. The colors are pretty cool and the weather's good.

Williams' top choice is interesting. Tua Tagovailoa is supposed to be the future at quarterback for the Dolphins.

Would Miami want to move on if it can get a Heisman Trophy winner? Will it even pick high enough to get Williams, who is expected to be the first quarterback taken in 2024 or 2025?

For the Dolphins to pick Williams, it would likely mean that Tagovailoa's 2023 season does not go according to plan. They will have to fail their way into the USC signal-caller. Only time will tell!