Buy The Vols Fan On Your Christmas List A Beautiful Tailgating Ambulance

You wake up on Christmas morning knowing your husband, Chuck, is miserable after a tough COVID 2020 season. He has very little to celebrate in life. The Vols aren't playing in a bowl game this year, Chuck's golf game was extra terrible all summer, and tailgating during COVID was horrible. All of his favorite lots were closed. It was a major downer of a year, but you want to cheer him up in 2021. You want to come out of COVID going balls to the walls. The Roaring '20s.

You're sitting there one dark, early December night just cruising Facebook Marketplace, and there it is, the most beautiful piece of Vols art on Marketplace: a 1997 International Vols ambulance that will help Chuck get out of his funk. One thing leads to another, and it's sitting in the driveway on Christmas morning.

Your husband wakes up, pets the dog, and heads to the toilet to drop off a couple of Christmas logs without even noticing the rig in the driveway. Chuck finishes off a 30-minute trip to the john, opens the front door to get a whiff of fresh Christmas Day air, and there it is. He falls to his knees crying. The only other time you saw Chuck cry was when Tee Martin took a knee to win the national championship. He didn't even cry on your wedding day as you walked down the aisle.

This is a big moment, and it's the type of moment a Vols fan deserves. Someone out there needs to make it happen. Make Christmas 2020 memorable for the Chuck in your life.

From the seller:

Tennessee Fan’s ULTIMATE TAILGATE VEHICLE! We went large and cut no corners! Electronics top of the line! Remote Rocky Top playing speakers on front and back! Interior is a luxury ride with 8 seatbelts. Storage galore! GBO and enjoy the ride!!!!!

The seller's asking price: $30,000 -- it's COVID 2020, you clearly have negotiating room here.

via Facebook Marketplace

via Facebook Marketplace

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