Brian Kelly Changes Twitter Bio To Reflect He’s Going To LSU Before School Even Announces It

Brian Kelly didn't even wait for the divorce to be final before flaunting his new flame around social media. Kelly, LSU's handsomely paid (reportedly around $10 million per season) new football coach, wasted little time scrubbing former partner Notre Dame from his Twitter bio, and he followed that up by getting his best photoshop people to plaster some Tiger gear and colors across his avatar and background.

All this was done before Kelly had even been officially introduced as LSU's next coach.

Kelly's social media edits were present this morning, hours before LSU even confirmed his hiring. Ever the recruiter, Coach Kelly's purple and gold Twitter background prominently reads "Fighting Tigers" and "Callin' Baton Rouge."

The quick social media change along with his decision to head south likely made for an awkward final meeting with his Irish players. Fortunately for both sides, it didn't last long. ESPN's Adam Rittenberg reported that the "I'm leaving you" meeting lasted just 11 minutes.

Now it's on Notre Dame to pick themselves up and do a little social media makeover of their own. After spending 12 years tied to Kelly, the Irish need to update their status to reflect that they're now "single" or at the very least, "it's complicated." Nobody wants to look desperate or like their ex is still in the picture.

I fully expect Notre Dame to have that hot, post-divorce body rockin' by summer. While Kelly tires from having to cover himself in purple day after day, the Irish are going to be posting bikini pics, vacation photos and snaps from their wild nights out on a regular basis. Hell, they'll probably even get themselves a TikTok and a Tinder profile.

Divorce is never easy, especially in the age of social media. But maybe it's best that they're geauxing their separate ways.


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