Brian Kelly Apparently Developed A New Accent After Accepting LSU Job

New LSU football coach Brian Kelly has gone the Michael Scott route, fine-tuning a Southern accent to fit in better in the Bayou. Kelly, who was announced as the Tigers' new coach earlier this week, made an appearance at an LSU basketball game Wednesday night and unleashed a new found southern drawl that likely had attendees checking their calendars to be sure it was the first day of December and not April 1st.

Upon taking the court, Kelly accepted the microphone and told the Tiger crowd: “This is a great way to get started, and I haven’t even won all my games yet. It’s a great night to be a Tiger. I’m here with my family, and we are so excited to be in the great state of Louisiana.”

Those are the words he used, and that's how those words are spelled. But that's not how he pronounced them.

The eastern Massachusetts native put a little extra Southern umph, particularly in the word "family," to show just how Bayou he is.

He could've waited at least a month, hell, even a week before testing out his new material on open mic night, but he apparently couldn't resist the temptation to show off his act in front of the home fans.

LSU's next home basketball game isn't until December 14th, leaving Kelly close to two weeks to polish up his performance. At that time, I fully expect a purple and gold clad Kelly to walk out to Lil Wayne while holding a bucket of Popeyes and tossing beads to the Tiger faithful.

Thank goodness it's the offseason because Kelly needs to get this drawl thing straightened out -- for the sake of his FAM-lee.


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