Bizarre History Unfolds As Weber State Breaks Record With Four Safeties On Four Bad Snaps Sent FLYING Out Of The End Zone

Weber State football might be looking for a new long snapper this week after Saturday could not have gone much worse. The Wildcats gave up eight points on four separate safeties on four terrible snaps and made history in the process.

It was chaos.

Weber State, which entered the weekend at 6-0, traveled east for a game against 6-1 Montana State. Two of the best programs on the FCS level went head-to-head in Bozeman and it was an absolute war.

Eight of the Bobcats' points, however, were gifts.

Weber State broke the FCS record for most safeties in a single game on four bad snaps.

Early in the first half, the Wildcats lined up to punt at its own 19-yard-line. Punter Jack Burgess, who incredibly wears No. 62, called for the ball and was ready to boot it away.

Long snapper Grant Sands sent it sailing.

It wasn't even close. The snap went flying over Burgess' head, wide right, and went all of the way out of the end zone in the air for a safety.

Things happen. Sands messed up. Two points, while not ideal, could be worse.

When two points become four, however, it's a problem.

Midway through the second quarter, it happened again. Sands sent the ball soaring past his punter.

Although the snap didn't make it out of the end zone in the air like it did the first go around, it bounced around the goal line and momentum took it from there. It resulted in another safety.

Clearly, it wasn't Sands' day. Fortunately for him, the Weber State offense gave him a cushion and the second safety didn't change things all too much.

Unfortunately for him, Sands' struggles weren't done there.

With under two minutes left in the first half, he put another snap over Burgess' head and out of the end zone. It wasn't quite as egregious as the first two, but it was the third safety for which Sands was responsible.

Three bad snaps resulting in three safeties is not good, but there was no way it could get worse, right?


Sands' terrible, horrible, no good very bad day continued in the second half and he made history.

Following Weber State's first possession of the third quarter, Burgess lined up to kick it away from his own 20-yard-line. Rinse, repeat— Sands missed him.

The snap did not make it out of the end zone on its own, but Burgess met the ball just beyond the goal line and kicked it out of play. It was the fourth bad-snap safety of the afternoon.

By allowing its fourth safety of the game, Weber State broke the FCS record for most safeties allowed in a single game. None of them came on a tackle in the end zone. They were all bad snaps. Unreal!