BIG Haymakers Thrown As Wild Video Shows Violent Pregame Fight Between Southern And Prairie View A&M Football Players

Saturday's college football game between Southern and Prairie View A&M began with fireworks. Before the two teams took the field, punches were being thrown.

During the offseason, about 10 months ago, Southern University hired Eric Dooley to be its next head football coach. Dooley, who got his master's degree in Baton Rouge, got his start in coaching at the school from 1997-2010 and returned as head coach in December.

Prior to his first year at Southern, Dooley spent the last four seasons as head coach of Prairie View. Needless to say, there was some hositility between the two teams when they got together over the weekend.

That tension boiled over in a big way. Not long before kickoff, before the teams went back into the locker room after warmups, the two coaching staffs were jarring back and forth. Dooley, in particular, was talking his talk in a big way.

While the exchange between coaches may have been newsworthy in every other situation, it was actually mundane. At least, when compared to what took place a couple of hours prior.

As players from both teams took the field for their pregame walkthroughs, it got violent in a hurry.

Both Southern and Prairie View football were still in street clothes when a massive brawl broke out in pregame.

It started with some harmless chirping back and forth, but quickly escalated from there. Coaches and players were trying to get things separated when the first punch was thrown. And then it was a melee.

The Jaguars and Panthers were pushing, shoving and CHUCKING knucks. Police eventually stepped in to help break things up, but the mayhem had already ensued, the haymakers were flying, and it took a moment to get things to cool down.

Here is how things went down Saturday afternoon:

Ultimately, it was Dooley and his new team that got the last laugh. Southern won by 32.