Big 12 Calls For TV Deals To Be Extended Through 2030, Texas Not Willing

After news broke that Oklahoma and Texas were inquiring about joining the SEC, the Big 12 is now hoping to secure a semblance of commitment from their two powerhouse programs. With an exodus likely on the way, the Big 12 announced teams would be required to extend their TV rights beyond the next five years, leading into 2030.

According to Longhorns reporter Brian Davis via Twitter, "The Big 12 has asked its members to sign a five-year extension of TV rights through 2030. Texas doesn't want to extend that long, thus looking at all options, including jumping to SEC.

"As reported elsewhere, can confirm that Texas will likely send a letter to Big 12 of not wanting to extend its TV rights to the Big 12 next week."

Contemplating the inclusion of UT and Oklahoma in a powerful 16-team SEC Conference, the Lone Star school will weigh its options before deciding whether to extend with the Longhorn Network — possibly signaling the end of the decade-long network.

With questions surrounding the fate of UT's Longhorn Network, OutKick founder Clay Travis gave his thoughts on what is in store for Texas and ESPN's future with LHN:

"That deal runs with ESPN until 2031, but ESPN controls the Longhorn Network and ESPN also controls all the rights to the SEC for the next 20 years.

"So the Longhorn Network could easily be rolled into the existing SEC rights package. (The payment to Texas for the Longhorn Network is roughly analogous to what every SEC school makes from the SEC Network now.) ESPN might even turn the Longhorn Network into a permanent SEC Network 2. Yes, ESPN could commit to not one, but two SEC networks."