Baylor Football Girlfriend Films Herself Ready To Storm The Field, Documents Heartbreak Of TCU's Game-Winning Field Goal Instead

Baylor football came extremely close to upsetting TCU on Saturday. Instead, the Horned Frogs pulled off a last-second win over the Bears to stay undefeated.

The loss was heart-breaking for the home team and its fans, especially considering how it played out. Though unintentionally, Bella Fuqua was able to document the emotional swing from joy and triumph to demoralizing defeat.

Fuqua, a freshman at Baylor, is dating walk-on quarterback Brayson McHenry. While her boyfriend doesn't play, he always brings the heat with his pregame 'fits.

On Saturday, he was on the sideline for the gut-wrenching defeat while Fuqua was in the stands. They both witnessed TCU's remarkable game-winning drive, but from different vantage points.

After its defense forced a three-and-out, the Horned Frogs offense took over with 1:30 left in the game at its own 31-yard-line. Seven plays later, TCU had 3rd-and-7 at the Baylor 26 with just 17 seconds left.

Rather than sending his special teams unit out in that moment, head coach Sonny Dykes ran the ball. It was a confusing decision that created a chaotic scene.

The offense had to hustle off of the field while the field goal team had to hustle onto the field and get off a game-winning attempt as the clock ticked down from 17. They were successful in the fire drill, the kick was good, and the Horned Frogs won.

Until the kick went through the uprights, it did not look like TCU was going to be able to pull off the victory. That is when Fuqua pulled out her phone, fully expecting to film Baylor fans pour onto the field after taking down the nation's No. 4-ranked team.

Instead, she filmed her reaction to the walk-off field goal. It was priceless.

Fuqua, as she said, was "flabbergasted" and she surely was not the only one. It's the "NOO!" at the end that really brings it all together. What a moment. What a video!