Baton Rouge Clothing Store Running A 'Dan Mullen Discount' On Shoes

Carriages Fine Clothier in Baton Rouge jumped all over a chance to do some marketing after the LSU-Florida shoe game, running a 'Dan Mullen discount,' which is good for 20% off all shoes, but you have to ask for the discount. This isn't some sort of code you use online. You need to get your butt into the store, ask for the discount like a Southern gentleman and slide your feet into those new loafers you've been meaning to buy.

Now is the time.

"Are boots included in the Dan Mullen Discount? Sure, boots count too! Just ask for the Dan Mullen Discount at checkout for 20% off your boots...," Carriages' social media team wrote on Instagram.

Florida defensive back Marco Wilson's shoe toss during Saturday's game against LSU turned into the perfect opportunity for Carriages once Mullen started making excuses for the shoe toss.

“He’s disappointed,” Mullen said after the game. “It’s a shame. I went back to watch the play and he made the tackle and part of the football move, the kid’s shoe was in his hand and he kind of threw it and jumped and celebrated with his teammates. … I don’t think there was any intent to taunt and it wasn’t like he was throwing it at their sidelines or doing any of that.”

This is how you market in the SEC. Take notes, college kids.

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