Bama's Javon Baker Flips Out After Winning Title, Bama Students Go Nuts & Chase Claypool Seems Salty

Well, that wasn't much of a game

Ohio State defensive coordinator Kerry Coombs walked into Hard Rock Stadium Monday night with an interesting strategy to stop Heisman winner DeVonta Smith -- play off of him by 20 yards and see if the Buckeyes could tire him out by letting him run up and down the field. There was also a bold strategy that left linebacker Tuf Borland one-on-one with the first wide receiver to win the Heisman since Desmond Howard. In the end, we saw how the strategy played out -- for a half.

Even with Smith out in the second half with a finger injury, the world saw just how dominant Alabama is at every position. Even the kicker didn't doink one off an upright, as we've all become accustomed to with Bama kickers.

Saban gets another title, Mac Jones gets to sign autographs and make commercials for Alabama businesses the rest of his life, and the college football world chugs along towards a season where Alabama has the nation's top incoming class and one that some consider to be Saban's best ever. Let that sink in for a minute.

What will it take to bring parity to college football? Playoff expansion. It's that simple. High school seniors know the schools that have the best shot at winning national titles. Giving their brains several paths to a national championship is all that's stopping Saban from double-digit rings. In case you forgot, next year's Alabama quarterback is Bryce Young, who was considered the nation's top high school dual-threat quarterback at this point a year ago.

Congratulations to Alabama. They didn't cut corners to this national title. That was absolutely dominating football.

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