Baker Mayfield Calls Out Former Sooners RB Coach After Trey Sermon's Huge Night

Baker Mayfield was in one of those moods Friday night in Cleveland while watching the Sugar Bowl. The Browns quarterback was watching one of his former teammates, Trey Sermon, absolutely destroy Clemson to the tune of 31 carries for 193 yards and a touchdown to go with four receptions for 61 yards, when he decided to fire up Twitter to take a shot.

The target: former Sooners former running backs coach Jay Boulware for his handling of Sermon before the running back left for Ohio State.

"How's UT?" Baker tweeted right at Boulware.

The Longhorns coach responded with a 'Hook 'em' and added "thanks for recognizing how well the RB’s I recruited are doing. 🤘🏾."

Baker wasn't done with Boulware.

"They came and played in spite of you... @OU_CoachGundy recruited the backs... Lol," the Sooners legend tweeted back.

Boulware has locked his account.

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