Auburn Football Player Randomly Launches Jayden Daniels' Shoe Into Orbit After Failing To Tackle LSU QB

Jayden Daniels' shoe may not have landed yet. The LSU quarterback had it launched into orbit during Saturday's game against Auburn and it couldn't have been funnier.

Late in the second quarter, LSU found itself down by 10 with the ball just inside its own 40-yard-line. With three timeouts and less than 90 seconds left, the Bayou Bengals lined up in the shotgun for what was supposed to be a pass.

However, those plans quickly changed as the Auburn defensive line collapsed the pocket.

In response to the Auburn pass rush, Jayden Daniels took off running.

As Daniels tried to scramble, a Tigers defensive back — safety Donovan Kaufman closed in. He was quickly made silly as the quarterback juked his way past and left him in the dust.

Kaufman got a hand on Daniels and ripped the shoe off of his foot, but could not bring him down. The LSU signal-caller kept running without his shoe, danced his way past two more defenders and got a first down.

Meanwhile, back where Daniels left him, Kaufman got up, noticed the cleat lying on the field, picked it up, looked at it for a moment and the proceeded to CHUCK IT over his head.

He didn't just throw it aside. He didn't just throw it to the sideline. Kaufman sent it FLYING into the air for absolutely no reason. Take a look:

The entire sequence was everything that is great about college football, which of course is the best sport on the planet.

Daniels lost his shoe and torched the defense with a highlight reel run for a first down. The run itself was a lot of fun. And then, when you add in Kaufman's extremely unnecessary and completely irrelevant shoe toss, it is perfection. You simply cannot write it any better.