Army, Navy, Air Force All Win Football Games On Same Day In Most American Way Possible

Saturday was a big day for the United States Service Academies— Army, Navy and Air Force. All three football teams that compete on the Division-I FBS level won in the most American way possible. They pounded the ball down their opponents' throats and refused to back down on defense.

None of the schools completed a forward pass.

While Army, Navy and Air Force compete with the Alabama, Georgia and Ohio States of the world on the field, recruiting is a challenge. Top-tier athletes — the four and five-star recruits with NFL hopes — are likely not going to choose a service academy over another top college football program.

In addition, the two and three-star prospects may not want to go the military route. Graduates of the Service Academies receive a commission as an officer in the U.S. Armed Forces and are obligated to serve for a minimum of five years.

As a result, all three schools are typically unable to land top talent. Instead, they get the recruits who might be smaller and technically less-skilled, but are equally as strong with more tenacity and grit.

To utilize their athletes in the best way possible, Service Academy programs run some variation of the triple option. They hold possession, try to blow opponents off of the ball, and hammer the rock.

It's what they do.

The U.S. Military style of play was on full display on Saturday.

Navy got things started early against UCF. The Midshipmen, who are not very good this year, scored 17 points in a three-point win over the Knights and moved to 4-7. 16-year head coach Ken Niumatalolo's offense ran 64 plays, attempting just one pass that fell incomplete, and running the ball 63 times for 248 yards.

Army was up next against UConn. The Black Knights, who are equally as bad as their biggest rivals this season, beat the Huskies 34-17 and move to 4-6. They ran the ball 58 times for 320 yards and also attempted just one incomplete pass.

Air Force finished out the night against Colorado State. The Falcons are the best of the three Service Academies in 2022 and are also the most likely to throw the ball. Instead, they beat the Rams 24-12 while running for 359 yards on 71 carries and had their two pass attempts hit the turf.

All three Division-I FBS Service Academies won on Saturday. Not one of them completed a forward pass.