Another Vols Fan Is Wanted For Stealing A Credit Card At A Game

What in the Vols Nation is going on in Knoxville this fall? University of Tennessee police are now looking for yet another Vols fan who is wanted for stealing a credit card to make purchases at a football game. Two weeks ago, campus police announced they were hunting for a guy who stole a credit card at a September 2 game and now the police are looking for Peyton Manning Guy for pulling a similar stunt at the September 18 game against Tennessee Tech.

In this recent case, the fan is accused of making purchases in the stadium and then adding on even more charges around Knoxville with a grand total of $500 used on the stolen card.

Get a good look at the alleged Peyton Manning Fan/Credit Card Thief. Send in your tips to the police department and help stop this sudden surge in credit card thievery at Vols games.

Send tips to: or call police at 865-974-3114

As for the September 2 credit card thief, Vols Nation stepped up and help police identify the man. The last thing a criminal wants to do right now is give Vols Nation something to do while the football team is busy getting thumped by Florida. If there's any good news for Vols thieves, it's that the schedule softens up for a couple of weeks before Ole Miss and Alabama.

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