An Ohio State - Indiana Rematch Makes a Lot of Sense [UPDATE]

Two tweets from Pete Thamel on this lovely afternoon pose an interesting question and obvious answer for the Big Ten:

The obvious answer here is that Indiana should pivot and play a rematch against Ohio State if Purdue can't go. While we have mentioned the possibility of Ohio State playing Texas A&M, which also has an open date this Saturday as Ole Miss battles COVID-19 issues, it would make more sense from a logistical perspective for the Big Ten to schedule Ohio State and Indiana.

Last week, when I argued that the Big Ten should change their rules to put Ohio State in the conference title game if they were undefeated but did not meet the six-game threshold, Indiana fans swarmed my mentions that that would be unfair (even though Ohio State already beat Indiana head-to-head.)


After we saw Coastal Carolina and BYU schedule a game on two days' notice last week, I don't want to hear Big Ten resistance to that idea. And if Indiana really feels like they deserve a spot in the Big Ten Championship Game, and their opponents in Purdue cannot go, let's see them prove it by beating Ohio State on a few days' notice.

Update: Welp, doesn't look like this is feasible now, either: