All Pac-12 Teams Cleared for Camp

One of the holdups for Pac-12 football's return, even once the wheels were officially in motion, was the possibility of local regulations in California and Oregon preventing teams from holding camp or games.

Today, University of California became the final team in the conference to receive regulatory clearance. Jon Wilner reports:

As Wilner also reported Thursday, USC and UCLA got local clearance. Stanford had to move practice from Santa Clara County to San Mateo County, where they got clearance while they continue discussions with Santa Clara.

While there could very well be interruptions to the framework, as we've seen with the NFL and MLB and various college football teams, the Pac-12 football season is slated to kick off on November 7th. They will run a six-week regular season schedule before a championship weekend December 18th and 19th where each team will plan an additional game.

Here's the full schedule:

We're inching closer and closer to all power five conferences in active play. Who would've thought this would be the case in August?


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