Alabama Fan's Selling His Unused Prosthetic Leg

Are you in the market for a used prosthetic leg that's sure to get noticed when you're out and about? Are you looking for an Alabama themed used prosthetic leg? Well, Chris down in Elberta, Alabama has one he's not using and it seems like the price is right at $75. I'm not sure what the going rate is these days for used Bama legs, but $75 to be able to walk seems like an incredible deal. That said, I have two legs, I don't go shopping for prosthetic legs. It's very possible there are $40 legs out there that can be themed. YMMV.

"Is a prosthetic leg that is no longer needed it is geared towards Alabama roll tide," the seller, Chris, said on Facebook.


– How old is this leg? It's very possible this leg has seen four or five national championships.

– Does the leg come as shown? Are you including the sock and shoe? That Walmart BBQ Master '13 looks to be in decent shape. A buyer should be able to get a couple years from that tread.

– Is it your old leg?

– Any autographs on the leg? Very important question since it could raise the leg's value.

Maybe you're not a Bama fan. There's a Packers prosthetic leg currently for sale in Wisconsin for $1,000.



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