WATCH: Injured Nebraska Player On Scooter Still Wanted To Throw Down During In-Game Brawl

NC State players were fortunate to have an in-game scuffle end before Nebraska's Trey McGowens arrived on the scene.

A Wednesday night matchup on the hardwood between Nebraska and NC State gave way to not only a thrilling contest but a free fight for viewers that remained seated for the quadruple overtime win by the Wolfpack, 104-100.

As players from both teams exhausted everything to stay afloat in the spar-for-spar showing, their regard for the opponent began to dissipate and a fight eventually broke out in the final minutes.

Nebraska reserves rushed to the other side of the court where the brawling was going down. Seen joining the commotion was guard Trey McGowens, out for the night with a foot injury, riding his scooter to join his teammates as both teams duked it out.

The flares appeared near NC State's Jericole Hellems after he knocked down a three-pointer in crunch time — a gut punch to the Cornhuskers.

Though the contest was not a physical performance for the injured McGowens, his determination to kick a** with a broken foot and stand up for his teammates was an intangible victory.


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