Tyler Hansbrough Likens Coach K To Larry David

North Carolina legend Tyler Hansbrough had Saturday evening's UNC - Duke game confused with a funeral. No, not because the Tar Heels killed the Blue Devils 94-81, but because Duke and their fans treated the game like a living funeral for retiring coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Even before UNC buried the Blue Devils on their home floor, nearly 100 former players made the trip to Durham to watch Dukie nation memorialize Coach K with speeches, stories, and presentations, before, during and after the game.

"The only thing I can really compare it to, and I know I'll take some heat for this, is Larry David," cautioned Hansbrough via Packer and Durham.

Hansbrough, the National College Player of the Year in 2008, went 6-2 in his career against Duke and couldn't quite understand all of the Coach K love while he's still above ground.

"This season, they have a guy that goes to his funeral while he's still alive so people can tell him how good he is," Hansbrough said. "I thought it was one of those situations. I thought it was funny."

He's not exactly wrong. Coach K has been on a farewell tour since last June, when he announced he would retire after the conclusion of the 2022 season. People have been giving Krzyzewski his flowers ever since.

And there's nothing former UNC players and their fans enjoyed more than stomping on the grave of their bitter rival.

"(Coach) K deserved a lot of respect. But Tar Heel fans, we love that."

You could probably say they found Saturday's result to be pretty, pretty, pretttty good.


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