TV Teddy Valentine Doesn't Care If You Just Took A Shot To The Nuts

TV Teddy Valentine was at it again Tuesday night during the North Carolina-NC State game when a Wolfpack player took a shot to the nuts and laid on the court with the ball. Teddy didn't have time for the player to regain his composure. He had a basketball game to run. So he snatched the ball out of the guy's hands.

Valentine, who was kicked out of the Big Ten after years of infuriating coaches, fans and players, is now finding work as it comes. Tuesday, he had an ACC Network game.

Never forget that TV Teddy can pop up at any moment. You were probably going about life last night, not the least bit worried about a December ACC game. Then out of nowhere...BOOM...TV Teddy is back.

In November, Teddy told Robbie Hummel and Jeff Goodman he loves the big-time stages. He likes the elevated floors.

“Let me tell you what. I must be one of those people that, the more upset you get with me, the more I just do my thing. That’s just how I am,” Valentine said. “I take all that negativity and I turn it into something, it’s what I do. … I’m in a sport where they either love you, or they just like you. I’ve embraced it, it is what it is. ”

It's TV Teddy being TV Teddy.

One of TV Teddy's high-profile moments in the spotlight came in 2018 when he did this to UNC's Joel Berry:

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