SEC Adds Sooners & Longhorns, Announces Basketball Schedule: OutKick 360

The SEC announced the new scheduling model for basketball once Oklahoma and Texas join the conference, and OutKick 360 discussed it.

"So this, right now, is for 2025-26. This isn't going to change anything next year, or for the very near future," Jonathan Hutton said. "But the SEC said that each of the 16 teams that season will play two permanent opponents — home and away — and then a third rotating home and away."


"And then the other 12 teams in single games for a total of 18 SEC games," Hutton continued. "So there are three opponents that you'll play, right now, in the current format of the 14. You play those permanently, and moving forward, it's going to be down to two and then a rotating third for what that's worth. The other thing that the coaches wanted and I agree with them, they want to play the SEC championship game for basketball on Saturday and not Sunday because ... the committee is not watching and factoring in these tournament championship games on that Sunday."

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