Paulina Gretzky Off The Top Rope, Chris Webber Strikes Again & Randy Johnson Manslaughter Anniversary

There were two garbage bags full of blankets on our couch last night

I was headed to bed after a long day of blogging, scheduling an upcoming Zoom for the VIP members around here and working on a Photoshop project when I saw my wife messing with two garbage bags full of blankets. My immediate reaction: Where did those come from? We definitely don't need two bags of anything piling up in our house. Then my wife proceeds to tell me that her sister, a teaching assistant, brought them home after learning that the blankets, delivered to an inner-city public school by a local church, were scheduled to be thrown out. Not distributed to people who might need them. Just thrown out. That's how we ended up with two bags of freshly stitched blankets on our couch.

Needless to say, I was fired up. Then my wife talked me down off the ledge by explaining she'd lined up the blankets to be used by a local childcare facility here where we live. The kids will have brand new blankets to use if they don't have one, as they get naps on their cots. The blankets will be put to use as they were intended, and that makes both of us happy.

Why were the blankets just going to be pitched by the teacher? That's something she'd need to answer. My wife and I don't have time to worry about some whacked-out decision not to help those who need it. Three years ago, my radio buddy Anthony Bellino and I got into coat-collecting charity work with the chief of police here in Toledo, Ohio. Chief George Kral would send over a paddy wagon along with a couple of officers and listeners, friends, the University of Toledo athletic department, etc. to help fill that wagon with donated coats. The chief personally guaranteed those coats would be distributed to the neediest in the community. Then COVID hit and our 2020 paddy wagon drive had to be put off.

The two bags might be my sign that it's time to get back into the game and get back to helping those who need it most. I don't bring this up as some sort of Please congratulate me for being such a great human nonsense like many of these charity-praise chasers. I bring it up to remind you to keep your ears open out there to nonsense that needs to be corrected.

• Trying to find something to blow your Bitcoin on? Elon Musk says he'll now sell you a car for coin. The cars range from $37,990 and $124,000 before tax. In other words, a drop in the bucket for those of you who were hoarding those coins a few years ago.

• Full disclosure, I watched Annika Sorenstam hit golf balls for a half-hour on Golf Channel last night. As I've said, I'm in full grandpa mode on the course this year, and I might even mix in some Sorenstam motion to the grandpa swing. Unreal tempo.

• You guys ready for the Woke All-Stars Bracket Challenge?

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