Oregon Hooper Accidentally Drains Three-Pointer From Beyond Half Court While Trying To Lob Alley-Oop Pass

Oregon guard Jermaine Couisnard made the longest non-buzzer beater three-pointer of the year on Saturday. It just wasn't on purpose.

While basketball players often pull-up from beyond half court in late-game, final-minute situations. They rarely — if ever — do so in the middle of the game.

Couisnard falls in neither of those two categories, technically. He did not shoot, but still sunk the shot.

Let's break it down.

Early in the first half against Arizona, Oregon senior N'Faly Dante swiped an errant pass near the scorer's table. The 6-foot-11, 230-pound center chose not to distribute and brought the ball all of the way up the court before throwing down a massive, earth-shattering jam on top of Wildcats star Kerr Kriisa.

About 10 minutes later, the Ducks were out on another fast break and Dante was out in front, under the rim. Couisnard, who brought the ball up in his first start for Oregon, looked that way and proceeded to throw his big man an alley-oop.

He thought that Dante would be able to go up, pull down the line-drive pass, and throw down a dunk with equal force to the one in the first minute. At the very least, Dante could have caught the pass, gathered his feet, and gone right back up for two.

That is not what happened. Couisnard's pass didn't make it to Dante, but was actually more effective.

He threw it up from beyond half court and... SWISH! Nothing but net. (It may have touched the back rim.)

Either way, the errant three-quarter court pass went in the hoop for three points. Seriously.

Couisnard, Dante, Oregon and Arizona were all left baffled by what happened. The funniest part, though, is how the Wildcats player grabs the make and proceeds to throw it in bounds as if everything was totally normal.