Montana State Broadcaster Fired After Comments Comparing Portland To Antifa, South Side of Chicago

Montana State University fired its play-by-play basketball announcer for comments in which the broadcaster reportedly compared Portland to antifa and the South Side of Chicago during Saturday's women's game between MSU and Portland State.

Broadcaster Mark Martello was fired, according to the Billings Gazette, after a Portland State writer tweeted out Martello's commentary during the women's game. The reporter, Joe Terry, tweeted that Martello got fired up after a no-call against Portland State.

"Portland can get away with whatever they want to get away with," Martello reportedly said on the broadcast. "Portland's like Antifa after a riot. They might go to jail but they get out right away."

Martello is also accused of saying Portland is like the South Side of Chicago.

Did Martello dispute the claims that the audio exists? Not at all.

"I am taking responsibility for what came out of my mouth," Martello said in a text to "I will miss the team and coaches. There will be no apology, no one was harmed."

The Billings Gazette reports that the comparison between Portland and Chicago came in the fourth quarter when a Portland State player was battling a Montana State player.

"Ogele, from Saint Ignatius College (Prep) in Chicago, which is South Side. You've heard of (it)," Martello said on his call. "Portland not much different, I don't think, these days."

The broadcaster didn't back down after being yanked from his play-by-play job.

"This is part of the world we live in, a big reason why I hate Social Media," he told "Dumb thing to say maybe, but firing me represents MONTANA values? I think not. MSU promotes Portland values, in Montana. Kneeling is fine, political warm-ups are no problem, but some radio yahoo making wisecracks is a capital offense. Everything I said was true. I guess the truth hurts."


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