Legendary Basketball Coach Roy Williams Swag Surfin' With His Wife At UNC Is Ultimate Retirement Goals

Roy Williams is enjoying retirement to the fullest. The 72-year-old college basketball legend stepped away from the game last season, but continues to be around his alma mater on a frequent basis.

That was the case on Saturday.

Williams, who was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2007, spent 15 years with Kansas and 18 years with North Carolina. He won three national championships with the Tar Heels, and reached nine Final Fours between the two programs.

While Williams was on the sideline drawing up Xs and Os, he was focused on winning— and he won a lot. 77.4% of the time, to be exact.

As dominant as he was during his career, Williams never got to enjoy the game from the spectator's perspective. The fanfare and atmosphere always revolved around him, but didn't include him.

That has not been the case over the last year.

Williams is no longer involved with UNC as an employee. He is just a fan.

As such, Williams is able to appreciate the game from a different vantage point, no matter the sport!

However, as could be expected, he typically shows out to watch his former team.

Roy Williams often brings his wife, Wanda, to the games.

On Saturday, the Tar Heels welcomed the Fighting Irish to Chapel Hill and beat Notre Dame by 17. Roy and Wanda Williams were not only in the crowd, but active participants in the pregame festivities.

One of which was a classic — the 'Swag Surf.'

Williams, who has watched his fanbase rock out to the generational hype anthem time after time, got in on the action. He and his wife understood the assignment!

Everything about Roy and Wanda Williams' Swag Surf is serious retirement goals. While a win would be nice, there is no worries about a postgame press conference or trying to make the NCAA Tournament.

Just vibes!