Leanne Bell From the USAF, Josh Pastner Destroys His 'VID Shield & John Daly Checks In From Pebble Beach

Little late today, treated myself to sleeping in after celebrating my birthday

The end of the football season always brings me to my birthday and this year it fell right on a Friday, perfectly set up to have a few cocktails, eat a nice dinner, enjoy some dessert with the kids and then sit down and watch the Daytona truck race. I never even made it to the cocktails part of the evening. The dinner went great, the kids enjoyed the dessert and then I enjoyed the basement couch and seven speakers pumping engine noise while the Klipsch subwoofer did the rest. It was one helluva test run for Sunday's race.

Going into our basement project, I had zero experience wiring for sound other than basic stuff you'd get from a 5.1 surround system at Best Buy. Wiring seven speaker locations, making MDF boxes to prevent sound loss to the upstairs and making it all work was a whole different animal. I must have a quarter-mile of speaker wire running through the basement walls. But now it's all paying off. Last night it felt like I was in one of the trucks scooting around Daytona. Trust me, I'm smiling as I keep raising the volume during Fox's 'Crank It Up' segments.

So that was the birthday night 2021. There were zero beers but plenty of smiles and the boys didn't go to the hospital with war injuries so it was a great day.

Here's the radar out of Daytona. It's not looking good for racing this afternoon, but that doesn't mean the boys can't get that Xfinity race in at some point. It wasn't scheduled to start until 5 ET, so hopefully I'll be able to Crank It Up before the little one goes to bed. I'd hate to wake him up.

• Today is put a new circuit in for the faux fireplace day. It's time to do yet a little more electrical work and get things in order for the cabinet build that's going to take a couple of weeks to finish. I'm about to go on my first shopping experience for a five-foot long piece of 1/2 inch plexiglass.

• I hear Dallas is supposed to get like six inches of snow on top of ice or the other way around. The highway crash video out of Fort Worth that was being passed around this week just might be some of the most disturbing weather-related video I've ever seen. It's hard to watch people so helpless as loaded semis can't do anything to slow down. Don't seek out that video. It sucks bad.

Have yourself a great day, enjoy those home projects and I'll be back Monday with a full report.

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