Houston Christian Basketball Announces Return Of Greatest Throwback Uniforms In History

The greatest throwback uniforms in college basketball are set to make their return at Houston Christian on Saturday night. It is a momentous occasion that will likely go unnoticed by the average fan, but needs to be known by all.

Houston Christian changed its name from Houston Baptist in September. The small, 63-year-old school has less than 3,000 undergraduates and is likely best known for the rise of Bailey Zappe, or for having a CVS right next to its football stadium.

The basketball team, though, doesn't have much history.

It boasts one single NCAA Tournament appearance, in 1984. It has not made it past the second round of the Southland Conference tournament. The Huskies had just one coach in its history with an all-time winning record.

Although they're not good enough to write home about, they're not bad enough to mock. And while the on-court play is not particularly impressive, their throwback uniforms are.

When Houston Christian takes the court at home on Saturday against Nicholls State, it will be wearing its Hustlin' Husky uniforms.

They are glorious.

The uniforms date back to the 1970s era and are as old school as they come. A cartoon husky dribbling a basketball is featured on the jersey alongside a vintage number font. The colorful shorts are striped with the school's eye-popping orange and blue.

They look even better on the court.

Nicholls State enters the game at 10-11, while HCU sits at 7-16, so the Huskies will be slight underdogs. However, with the power of the Hustlin' Husky behind them, there is hope.

How can you lose while rocking the greatest throwback uniforms in basketball?