Great Start: College Freshman Blasts Two Grand Slams In First Two At-Bats

It will be tough to come up with a better start than the one put together by Florida Atlantic freshman Caleb Pendleton did Saturday. That's because Pendleton hit a grand slam in each of his two first at-bats.

Not just at-bats of the season -- but the first two times he stepped to the plate. It went a long way in lifting Florida Atlantic to a 20-15 win over Central Florida.

“The second one, it didn’t really feel real running around first base,” Pendleton told the media.

Pendleton is a righty, and his second blast went over the outfield fence in left-center, clearing a row of palm trees in the process.

“Nothing I could ever dream of,” he said. “That’s definitely more than I ever thought would happen preparing for today. I never thought I’d be going up for my third at-bat with two grand slams already. That was pretty cool.”

Pendleton was rated as the third-best catcher in Florida as a high school senior last year. Now, he may be the best. And it took all of two steps to the plate.