Grayson Payne Catches A Braves Game, Chip & Jo Celebrate Baylor Title, Plus Bobby Bowden Checks In

And just like that, Baylor stomped out Gonzaga and that perfect season

Monday, right here on Screencaps, I wrote something about good luck to Baylor giving us a national championship like the UCLA-Gonzaga Final Four game. And then Baylor went out and destroyed Gonzaga. They never let the Bulldogs get closer than nine or so in the second half and won the national championship by shooting 10-of-23 from 3-pt. range, while the Zags were 29.4% from three. Add in a 16-5 offensive rebounding advantage and it was game over for Gonzaga.

Now, to hear losers like Michigan fans tell it, Gonzaga lost because they're soft and play in the West Coast Conference, which means they don't play anybody and that leads to a top seed, which then leads to not having to play high-caliber teams in the tournament, which leads to Final Four runs and then a spot in the title game. Uh, Michigan losers, that was the Zags' second trip to the Final Four ever. Michigan fans have nobody to blame but their own team for dropping 49 points against UCLA, losing and not having a shot to destroy the Zags.

Ok, so being soft means you can't win a national title. Then what was Michigan's excuse back in the 2018 national championship game when the Wolverines lost by 17 to Villanova? Man, what a soft Michigan team that was. Or what about Wisconsin losing in the 2015 national championship game to Duke(!). Boy, you would've thought Wisconsin would've been much tougher after that Big Ten gauntlet. Or what about 2013 when Michigan lost to Louisville? Guess Michigan wasn't tough enough that year. Should've played a tougher schedule. Ahh, so what about the 2009 Michigan State team? Incredibly tough. Insane schedule. Bunch of crazed dogs out on that court. They lost 89-72 to North Carolina. On and on and on.

Look, the fact is Baylor curb-stomped Gonzaga, shot the ball beautifully from outside, controlled the boards en route to an 86-70 win. How nice of loser Michigan fans to discredit the effort by the Bears.

• Now, while I'm being brutally honest this morning, let's address the CBS crew down in the pits last night because the Zags were getting stomped. Maybe it was just me, but Nantz and Grant Hill couldn't get out of Lucas Oil Stadium fast enough. They barely had any Baylor material to use. It was like they were as clueless about Baylor as the rest of the country.

• It's absolutely fascinating that Scott Drew has been at Baylor since 2003. I had to look it up to make sure I wasn't seeing things. He didn't win 20 games at the school until year five. Baylor hadn't been to the Final Four since 1950. Go and look at the Baylor basketball history and then tell me what kind of job Drew has done there.

• Well look at that...'VID hospitalizations are falling for seniors. My friend who's been in an assisted living facility for over a decade sent word Monday that he's now allowed to leave to visit family for the first time in over a year. He's a guy with breathing and swallowing issues, so the 'VID would've been bad news for him. Now he's able to get out of the facility for fresh air and to do normal things. There's your good news for the day.

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