Ex-Duke Player Hints At Coach K Pulling A Tom Brady

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski has already announced that he’s stepping away from the game whenever the Blue Devils’ season comes to an end. But one ex-Dukie thinks that Coach K won’t be retired for long, should the Blue Devils’ season end prematurely.

Carlos Boozer, who won a national title with Krzyzewski in 2001, wouldn’t be surprised to see his former coach pull a Tom Brady and renege on his retirement plans.

“If they have to lose on Friday (when they open NCAA Tournament play), I can definitely see coach saying, ‘You know what, guys? I need 12 more months. I need one more year,’” Boozer told The Maggie and Perloff Show Tuesday afternoon.

The suggestion that Coach K would pivot from his retirement plans so quickly really isn’t that hard to believe. Krzyzewski craves the spotlight. Could he make it a full season without cameras regularly perched in front of his jet black hair?

I mean, this is the same guy who’s spent the last nine months parading around media rooms and college arenas, insisting the season isn’t about him, yet never turning down the chance to hear others sing loving tributes to him, even as he and his team still had conference and NCAA Tournament games to play.

Former North Carolina great Tyler Hansbrough summed up Coach K's supposed retirement tour nicely: “This season, they have a guy that goes to his funeral while he’s still alive so people can tell him how good he is.”

The longer he thought about it, the more convinced Boozer seemed to be that Coach K won’t stay away from life on the court for long.

“Think about it. Tom Brady goes home to Gisele and the kids for two months,” said Boozer. “‘Nah, I can’t do it yet,’ and (then) comes back on the field.”

Coach K? More like Coach Stay.

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