Did Mom Tell Teen Basketball Player To Punch Her Opponent? You Make The Call

A California family has filed a police complaint over an incident at a youth basketball tournament over the weekend where their daughter was left with a concussion after being drilled with a vicious sucker punch by an opponent.

Alice Ham, the mother of the basketball player who was punched, told ABC-7 that her daughter is now in concussion protocol after being hit by the punch that landed at the 15-year-old's chin and throat before knocking her to the floor.

Ham thinks she knows who provoked the attack -- the player's own mother. Listen closely to the audio.

"THIS… this right here makes me SICK to my stomach. This happened to MY DAUGHTER at her game yesterday," Ham wrote on Instagram. "There is absolutely no place for something like this in basketball, I don’t care how famous you are!! This mom told her daughter to 'go and hit her' and my kid gets an unprovoked sucker punch. I’m sorry but it’s everything that’s wrong with youth sports. The girl and her mom showed absolutely no remorse and offered no apology. Youth sports needs to change."

An attorney for the family of the girl who threw the punch released a statement to ABC-7, but doesn't address the girl possibly being ordered to take out her opponent.

"My client and her family are deeply and sincerely remorseful. This is a unfortunate incident involving a very hard working and promising student athlete. We must keep some perspective and keep in mind that this is a young minor who has made a mistake."

"The comments on social media in response to this incident are a cause of great concern for both the minor and her family. We would respectfully request that she be given the benefit of the doubt and that her privacy be respected given her young age."

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