Dayton Basketball Transfer Shades Former Team, Head Coach With Loud Quote About What He Wants In Future

Mustapha Amzil is one of three Dayton basketball players who have entered the transfer portal following the 2022-23 season. The list may only continue to grow, and could end up including as many as eight players when it is all said and done.

The Flyers began the year with a lot of hope for head coach Anthony Grant's sixth year with the program. They were coming off of a 24-win season in 2021-22, added a lot of talent during the offseason, and were riding the excitement of Mongolian Mike.

Unfortunately, success did not follow. Dayton won 20 games, but lost a lot of important games that would have boosted their résumé, lost the A-10 Tournament final by 12, and missed out on March Madness.

It was a frustrating result, and the frustration could lead to a mass exodus.

For Amzil specifically, the interest is high. Colorado, DePaul, Grand Canyon, Memphis, New Mexico, North Texas, Pittsburgh, San Fransisco, SMU, South Carolina and Memphis are among the teams that have reached out.

However, the list goes well beyond those 11 schools. Amzil has been contacted by so many programs that he hasn't even responded to them all.

Although he doesn't know where he wants to go next, he knows what he wants from his next team. And in explaining his desire for the future, whether he meant it or not, Amzil threw shade right at Dayton and Grant.

It is a bunch of schools but I am looking at the level of where a school plays. I want to be in a big role on a team that has a chance to win. I want to play at a faster pace for a team that will help me get to the next level.

By saying that he wants to play on a team that can win, he is saying the Flyers do not have that chance. By saying that he wants to play for a team that will help him get to the next level, he is saying that Grant and Dayton will not help him reach the NBA.

Amzil has since clarified that there is nothing but love for his former program and coach. That can be true, and is true. It doesn't take away from the unintentional shade thrown in the process.

If he is leaving Dayton for a program that can win... well... ??