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Here comes the snow, the hard freeze & my mission to save the plants

It took my wife approximately 30 seconds this morning to ask what our operational plan was. How are we going to protect our precious plants that sprung up during record temps two weeks ago, now that a spring snowstorm is expected to dump 2-4 inches on us Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning? And that's how another week of life gets rolling around here on a Monday morning.

What a way to start a week in mid-to-late April. Not only do I have to build forts for the plants to survive the weight of 2-4 inches of snow, but we've also got to protect them against a hard freeze. You're right, I'm SHOOK. I'm tempted to build a wild plastic bio-dome around our gardens, but then my wife comes in with, "People are saying on Facebook..."

I had to shut that down real fast. Never trust the losers commenting on the local TV news posts for advice on how to protect plants. Here's my plan: buy some sheets, plastic temporary fencing posts and a roll of plastic and start building bio-domes all over my yard. And I'm not so hard-headed that I'm not willing to adjust the plan if my mother-in-law suggests modifications. I know how to survive and advance in my marriage.

As for Mother Nature, you're not taking out our beautiful tulips or the rose bush I've been babying. I will win the battle this week.

• It was great to see the reaction to the Put-In-Bay Invitational golf tournament news over the weekend. It's looking like we'll have Morning Screencaps readers joining us June 19 at 10 a.m. Again, it's a 9-hole course, so if you're thinking about coming, please give me a heads up because 36 spots are going to fill up fast -- And don't forget, this tournament isn't about the golf, it's about the journey®. 

• Am I about to get an intern? Saturday I threw it out there that I might be in the market for a Screencaps intern to help me this summer. An hour later, I have a University of Georgia student dropping me an email. I need to go over his qualifications and quiz him on his screencaps knowledge, but it's something I'm going to need as summer events start to pile up. Put-In-Bay and my Treetops (Michigan) golf trips are back-to-back weekends in June.

• My Bengals announced new jerseys this morning, and I can barely notice a change. I don't care what those jerseys look like, as long as they build a wall around Joe Burrow this fall.

• In entertainment news, I never thought this weekend would give us Kourtney Kardashian sucking on Travis Barker's thumb. That said, it felt so damn good to sit around a fire with the neighbors and then go golfing with my text exchange group on Sunday. There's nothing like not looking at a social media app for 28-30 hours. Try it.

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