Baylor Cheerleaders And Band Awkwardly Perform In Darkness After Power Outage Halts Basketball Game

Saturday's basketball game between Baylor and Oklahoma State took a lot longer than expected to complete. A power outage caused the entire thing to be put on pause, which led to an odd sequence of events.

Not long after the Bears went up by 20 on the Pokes, the lights went out. There was no warning, it was not planned, they just shut off and left everybody at the Ferrell Center in a state of confusion.

The players stayed on the court, but obviously the game could not continue. Only emergency lighting, the glow of laptops and cellphones, and a slight glimmer of light from the outside kept things visible.

In response to the obvious technical difficulties, the team announced that it was having technical difficulties. Thanks, Baylor.

It also asked that fans stay in their seats— so they did! As everybody tried to figure out what to do next, those who planned to catch the rest of the action and didn't bolt for the exit lit up the gym with their cellphone flashlights.

However, as the fans stayed put, the players and coaches did not. Both teams exited the court and went back to their respective locker rooms.

Meanwhile, the Baylor band struck up a tune. As the fans sat in darkness, the sound of booming brass and sharp snare echoed throughout the arena and made for an incredibly awkward scene.

As the game remained in delay and the power largely remained out, some of the stadium functions came back online. At that point, somebody decided to send the cheer team out onto the court.

It seems like silence would have sufficed amidst the outage, but who are we to judge!

Once the power came back on, ESPN couldn't get its broadcast back in order so it had to result to some elementary techniques.

The Bears ultimately went on to win by 16. What a weird night in Waco!