Arkansas Women's Basketball Buries Florida For Losing After Butchering Pregame Promo

Arkansas women's basketball put a beatdown on Florida, both on and off of the court. The Razorbacks hosted the Gators on Thursday night, but that would not have been clear based on a pregame promotion.

Arkansas is the University of Arkansas, not Arkansas University. Arkansas is abbreviated as "AR," not "AK."

Well, Florida's Sports Information Director got it momentarily twisted.

Prior to tipoff, the school's official twitter account for the women's basketball program sent out its standard pregame tweet. It lists the opponent, the location, the time, and where to follow along.

The only problem was that it was not correct at first. Here is the revised tweet:

On the other side of the court, Arkansas' Sports Information Director kept the receipts.

When the final buzzer sounded, the Razorbacks let it rip. There was no holding back.

Even the final score graphic took a creative shot at the Gators and their home state with a reference to Carol City-born rapper Flo Rida.

And then, Arkansas' SID hit Florida's SID with the dagger. The receipts went from the private vault to the public eye.

In direct response to the Gators' correct promotional pregame tweet, the Razorbacks shared their initial, incorrect pregame tweet that had since been deleted. It referred to the University of Arkansas as Arkansas University and said that the game would be held in Fayetteville, Alaska.

Although it was obviously a simple error, the incorrect tweet was framed as disrespect. As if the SID didn't care enough about the Hogs to get things correct the first time.

Here was Arkansas' reply:

Game, set, match. All five starters reached double digits in scoring and Woo Pig not only won the game, but won social media.

They got the last laugh on and off of the court.