Alabama Troll Account Somehow Warrants Legitimate Statement About Auburn Freshman Opting Out Of NCAA Tournament

Auburn freshman Yohan Traore is not opting out of the NCAA Tournament. He and his "mentor" want to make that clear, which is a very funny thing to have to come out and say.

On late Monday evening, a Twitter account by the tag '@conway__vinny' tweeted out what he labeled as 'BREAKING.' However, Vinny changed his Twitter name from 'March Vinny' to 'AUBURN LIVE 247,' which is the local Tigers affiliate for 247 Sports. Vinny also changed his Twitter profile picture to a vintage Auburn logo.

The "news" was rather unexpected. Traore, a 6-foot-10, 225-pound forward, is not the team's leading scorer. He's not their best rebounder. But he is an important depth piece off of the bench.

Well, according to Vinny on Monday, Traore was going to sit out of March Madness and prepare for the NBA Draft. Here is what he tweeted:

Most college basketball fans were keen to the troll account. Obviously, Traore was not going to focus on the NBA Draft as a guy averaging less than 10 minutes per game. Obviously.

And yet, somehow, Vinny started a ripple effect as whispers started to get louder.

Is Traore really going to sit out for Auburn?!

Andrew Slater, a college basketball insider, was on the case. He got to the bottom of the rumors and reached out to Traore's "mentor" for a statement. The statement referred to the fake tweet as "fake news" and set the record straight.

On3 Sports' national recruiting expert Joe Tipton even relayed Slater's information to the larger public.

First and foremost, those that thought Vinny — who has since changed his name back on Twitter — was an actual reporter from Auburn 247 fell for the troll hook, line and sinker. Secondly, for Slater to get a statement from Traore's "mentor," without saying who that is, is very funny.

Who is Traore's mentor?! Why was there a need to address the obvious fake report at all?!

The internet stays undefeated. Vinny 1, Slater and Tipton 0.