NCAA Tournament Opening Gambling Lines

Okay, boys and girls, here we go, let’s get rich.

Here are the opening lines in the NCAA Tourney games.

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Radford -4 vs. Long Island

UCLA -3.5 vs. Saint Bonaventure

Texas Southern -5 vs. NC Central

Syracuse -1.5 vs. Arizona State

NCAA Tourney Games

Virginia Tech -2 vs. Alabama

Oklahoma vs. Rhode Island, pick ’em

Duke -20 vs. Iona

Kansas -15 vs. UPenn

Seton Hall -2 vs. NC State

Miami -1 vs. Loyola of Chicago

Tennessee -13.5 vs. Wright State

Michigan -12 vs Montana

Houston -3.5 vs. San Diego State

Texas Tech -11.5 vs. Stephen Austin

Kentucky -6 vs. Davidson

Arizona -8 vs. Buffalo

Ohio State -8.5 vs. South Dakota State

Gonzaga -11 vs. UNC Greensboro

Virginia -22.5 vs. UMBC

Creighton -1.5 vs. Kansas State

Texas A&M -4.5 vs. Providence

UNC -17 vs. Lipscomb

Butler vs. Arkansas, pick’em

Purdue -20 vs. Cal State Fullerton

Michigan State -14 vs. Bucknell

Nevada -1.5 vs. Texas

Cincinnati -15.5 vs. Georgia State

Mizzou -1 vs. Florida State

West Virginia -8.5 vs. Murray State

Wichita State -12 vs. Marshall

Clemson -4.5 vs. New Mexico State

Auburn -10.5 vs. College of Charleston

These lines are all going to move, obviously, so I’d encourage you guys to monitor SBR as well as the Outkick NCAA basketball odds feed to see how the lines are adjusting. 

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.