NCAA Tournament Odds For Opening Games

ATHENS, GA – MARCH 03: Head coach John Calipari of the Kentucky Wildcats yells to his team against the Georgia Bulldogs at Stegeman Coliseum on March 3, 2015 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) Kevin C. Cox Getty Images North America

My favorite thing to do when the tournament match up’s are released is go straight to the offshore sites and wait to see how many underdogs relative to seeding end up favorites to win. It’s a cheap trick that I picked up a long time ago, a way to score some points in your tourney pool without being a slave to seed lines. It’s picking upsets without actually picking upsets. 

I bolded all the seeded underdogs who are favorited to win in the first round. The biggest seed differential vs. expected outcome is that 11 seed Texas is a one point favorite over six seed Butler. Ten seed Ohio State is also favored over seven seed VCU.

I plan on betting on all of these first and second round games again this season, and if some of you guys and girls are out in Las Vegas this week for the tourney, come see us broadcast live from the Westgate Sports Book, it’s the old Las Vegas Hilton. I’ll be there with Todd Fuhrman and Andy Roddick Wednesday thru Sunday night.

It should be pretty fun and I look forward to meeting some of you.  

Without further ado, here are the odds.

Get rich, or die trying. 

Play-in Games

Manhattan -7.5 vs Hampton

BYU -2.5 vs. Ole Miss

North Florida -2 vs. Robert Morris

Dayton -3.5 vs. Boise State

NCAA Tourney Games

Arkansas -6.5 vs. Wofford

UNC -9 vs. Harvard

Baylor -7.5 vs. Georgia State

Xavier -1.5 vs. BYU or Ole Miss

Notre Dame -12 vs. Northeastern

Texas -1 vs. Butler

Villanova -22.5 vs. Lafayette

NC State -1.5 vs. LSU

Purdue -1 vs. Cincinnati

Iowa State -12.5 vs. UAB

SMU -3 vs. UCLA

Utah -6 vs Stephen Austin

Georgetown -7.5 vs. Eastern Washington

Arizona -22.5 vs. Texas Southern

Ohio State -2.5 vs. VCU

Virginia -16.5 vs. Belmont

Michigan State -4.5 vs. Georgia

San Diego State -2.5 vs. Saint John’s

West Virginia -4 vs. Buffalo

Maryland -4.5 vs. Valparaiso

Oklahoma -12.5 vs. Albany

Kansas -11.5 vs. New Mexico State

Wichita State -5.5 vs. Indiana

Wisconsin -19.5 vs. Coastal Carolina

Oklahoma State vs. Oregon pick’em

Northern Iowa -7 vs. Wyoming

Louisville -8.5 vs. UC-Irvine

Gonzaga -17 vs. North Dakota State

Iowa -2 vs. Davidson



Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.


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