Due To ‘Potentially Volatile Situations’ NCAA Asks Teams To Restrict Home Run Prop Use In Super Regional Celebrations

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Knoxville, TN- We have seen a number of incredible games over the course of the last two weeks of the NCAA Baseball Tournament, while also witnessing a few interesting celebrations in the process. In response to a few incidents last weekend during the Regionals, the NCAA has asked schools to restrict any use of props pertaining to celebrations outside the dugout.

The home run celebrations have become part of the game, whether some schools like it or not, which some schools have been doing over the course of the entire season. Whether it be Tennessee and its fur coat, Virginia Tech’s ‘Hokie Sledgehammer’ or a number of different celebrations, the players have seemed to enjoy it all season.

Carson DeMartin of Virginia Tech sounded off on Saturday in response to the NCAA not allowing the Hokies to use the sledgehammer, which they have done after home runs this season, even though it  previously allowed. After defeating Oklahoma on Saturday, DeMartin called out the NCAA for not allowing the team to continue celebrating home runs in previous outings.

While covering the Tennessee and Notre Dame matchup on Saturday, I noticed that the Vols were not using the signature fur coat and ‘daddy’ hat often, which they normally do after every home run. Come to find out there is a reason for this and when I reached out to the NCAA about this on Saturday, previous incidents in the NCAA Tournament involving a number of teams were given as the reasoning for keeping the celebrations within the dugout.

Randy Bruns, the NCAA Baseball -Secretary Rules Editor provided a statement to OutKick when asked about the change in celebrations.

“During last weekend’s NCAA Division I Regional baseball games, a number of potentially volatile situations were observed at various sites.  Rule 5-17 of the NCAA Baseball Rules states that “Any orchestrated activities by dugout personnel designed to distract, intimidate, or disconcert the opposing team or reflect poor sportsmanship shall not be allowed.”  In the interest of promoting good sportsmanship, participants at all locations were asked to restrict any activities that use props of any kind to within the dugout.”

This seems a bit over dramatic, but who am I to judge. The kids are just having a good time on the field and if a celebration aggravates another team, well so be it. In a time where the NCAA Tournament is trying to garner a new audience and continue building the sport, I don’t see how some of the teams celebrating home runs in their own fun way is going to cause problems.

We’ll see how far this goes, but it will most likely carry on for the remainder of the tournament.


Written by Trey Wallace

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  1. I wouldn’t know about home plate celebrations in college baseball because I’ve never watched a college baseball game.

    But it sounds ridiculously stupid. If the kids want choreograph a celebration with props get some pom poms and skirts and join the cheerleaders.

    • You should watch College baseball. Absolutely great game. None of the woke stuff, high energy, and lots of passion. Best sport around. This sideshow stuff is not a major part of the game and regardless, it’s just the boys having some harmless fun.

  2. Sportsmanship? Gimme a break. These kids are emulating the punks in MLB – pointing, patting their heads, flashing gang symbols when they hit a single. Sportsmanship went out the window a long time ago.

  3. Not watching college baseball or MLB or anything in between.

    My list of things to watch before baseball :

    Women’s golf
    Women’s beach volleyball
    and certainly cornhole.

    The only thing less boring than baseball is the WNBA.

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