Idiotic NCAA Covid Ruling Ruins College World Series

The NCAA can’t stay out of their own way. In one of the dumbest rulings since the enabling of gender-neutral public restrooms, the NCAA forced N.C. State to forfeit their College World Series game due to Covid-19 protocols. One positive covid test amongst a group of young, healthy, athletes knocked the Wolfpack from the tournament, costing the school a chance at their first ever national championship. A comical move by the hypocritical NCAA that allows for more than 20,000 people to “safely” attend these same games without being tested.

The ridiculousness of the entire situation was encompassed by a series of tweets from OutKick’s Clay Travis:

N.C. State’s athletic director, Boo Coorigan said: “The timing of this is simply devastating for everyone….” per ESPN.

The entire situation is absurd. Players of all ages across countless sports have played with the more “dangerous” seasonal flu for centuries. Employees have long pounded away at their keyboards and shuffled down assembly lines at their place of work while shrugging off coughs, headaches, sore throats and any number of ailments in a shared workspace. Yet, the NCAA, which as of late stands for – Not. Cool. At. All., shuts down an entire OUTDOOR tournament because of one positive test to a young man who is in good enough physical condition to compete at the highest level of collegiate athletics.

In the midst of a dramatic, entertaining College World Series, the NCAA will ultimately leave Omaha as the tournament’s biggest loser.

Written by Anthony Farris


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      • I totally get the frustration, but there’s nothing Vandy, Texas and Miss State can change because NCST got screwed. They all HAVE to play. I suppose if all 4 decided they forfeit then we’d have no champion in 2021, but that would add more ridiculousness to a ridiculous situation(and probably lawsuits). I’m pretty sure based on the economic impact this tournament has on Omaha there are countless contracts the NCAA probably has in place with the city preventing them from postponing the tournament for a week. Logistically it wouldn’t work. Also then you’d be putting 20,000 fans who’ve taken off work, paid unbelievably high rates for rooms and airfare in a horrible financial bind all to move the tournament out a week( more lawsuits). The fans would all be screwed if every team decided to forfeit the same way. No matter what you do here you just make it worse on everyone, so the best thing to do is play it out. The ncaa is 100% responsible for this fiasco and should be ashamed. It’s the worst break ever for ncst, I think it’s an idiotic ruling that hurt the entire sport, but the other teams have to play.

  1. As a life long Wolfpack fan this is par for the course for us. Could just be my tin foil hat messing up my thinking but a lot of NCSU fans feel that the NCAA hates us. Look at what we had to suffer from the supposedly horrible infractions from the Valvano years and compare that to the UNC-Cheat violations and what was their punishment. The NCAA needed the two superstar pitchers on Vandy to be on TV so they could hype the game for ratings and we as usual were the underdog fighting our guts out. It gave those ass hats an easy out and if they got to stick it to us then all the better. Our AD and Coach Avent should be raising holy hell and calling out the stupidity of it all.
    We are the black sheep of the state and our fan base is predominately working class people who could give two shits about virtue signaling and political correctness.
    Fish heads to those SOB’s and as always…..GO PACK!

  2. NC State becomes the excuse for every AD in the nation to require vaccinations to play in games.

    I’m die hard LSU, but NC State got reamed with a dry Donkey Kong barrel. They were “protecting the kids” so hard that they jammed a mop handle up their rear ends on purpose. Shameful.

  3. It’s a form of corporate socialism to enforce people who don’t need to take the vaccine to pay and take it.

    There are 350,000,000 people living in this nation. There is a zillion dollars to be made from this.
    —— Jason Whitlock was right when he said we won’t know the long term side affects from this vaccine until another 5-10 yrs goes by

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