Texas A&M Baseball Fans Cause Complete Meltdown By Rattling True Freshman Pitcher With Famously Ruthless Chant

Texas A&M fans have returned to form after a rough start to the 2023 college baseball season. They helped lead their team to a dominant run-rule win over Rice on Saturday night!

Six days prior, after the Aggies suffered a loss to Lamar and two-straight home losses to Portland, Jim Schlossnagle was not happy. The second-year head coach ripped his own fanbase for heckling their own team amidst their early-season struggles in College Station.

He did not hold back in calling out the A&M faithful for turning on the team instead of getting loud and trying to pump some energy back into a lackluster performance.

Schlossnagle's message was heard loud and clear. The Aggies traveled to Houston over the weekend for the Shriners Children's College Classic with Louisville, Rice, Michigan, TCU and Texas Tech.

They lost to the Cardinals on Friday but bounced back with a 13-1 win over the Owls on Saturday. The eighth run of the night came in chaotic fashion.

Texas A&M, being as big as it is, has a massive alumni base and a large population of fans in Houston. They showed up to Minute Maid Park in droves and let Rice have it all evening.

Their efforts culminated with a run in the second inning.

In a tradition original to the Aggies, fans in the stands start chanting 'Ball Four' whenever the count reaches 3-0. If the trend continues, they chant 'Ball Five,' then 'Ball Six,' and so on and so forth.

On Saturday, the Owls' pitching staff through six-straight balls. A&M fans were loudly and relentlessly chanting 'Ball Seven' as the freshman pitcher toed the rubber and tried to throw a strike.

His efforts were unsuccessful. The Aggies were in his head and the catcher's head.

Rice's pitcher threw a wild pitch. The catcher was able to haul it in, but threw back down to third base and sent it sailing into left field. Total air mail.

A&M's runner was able to score standing up as the ball made its way back in from the outfield.

Rice, which rarely plays in front of such a passionate crowd, completely melted down. The Aggie fanbase's efforts were a great success, and Schlossnagle must be thrilled to have them back on his side.