Coastal Carolina Talks BIG Talk, Stomps All Over Undefeated Wake Forest With The Most Disrespectful Bat Toss Of The Year

They played loud and backed up their talk with strikeouts, dingers, and a win.

Things really reached their peak in the bottom of the fourth inning. Coastal went up 10-5 on a two-run MOONSHOT to left-centerfield, the second of the evening for Derek Bender.

To put the exclamation mark on his colossal home run, the sophomore catcher bat flipped with the utmost viciousness. Calling it a "flip" does not even do it justice.

Coastal Carolina's bat toss was LOUD.

Bender got ahold of the 1-1 offering, sent the ball to the moon, and took three steps out of the box as he watched it soar. As his right foot came down on the third step, he transitioned the bat to his right hand, turned back toward the Chants dugout, cocked way back and hucked the bat back across the field.

Here's another look at Bender's bat toss:

And then it was Coastal's pitcher's turn to talk his talk after getting out of a jam with a strikeout on the game-tying running in the eighth. He looked to the Wake Forest hitter and let him know whose house it is.

Six outs later, the Chanticleers took down the Demon Deacons and exploded out of the dugout and onto the field. They made sure to let the world know that they took down one of the nation's top-ranked programs.

And behind the dugout, one Coastal fan danced all over Wake's grave.

The Chants are 8-4, and the Demon Deacons are 13-1. Both teams should make a regional this season, and there's a chance that they could get paired together. A rematch would be ROWDY!