NBC Suspends Hack Journalist Ben Collins From Covering Elon Musk

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NBC News has suspended “disinformation reporter” Ben Collins from covering Elon Musk on NBC and MSNBC airwaves.

According to Semafor, the network informed Collins his exaggerated coverage of Musk was editorially inappropriate.

It’s unclear what “standards” NBC has in place. Its coverage of the Russia hoax, Paul Pelosi’s attack, and the Brittney Griner trade suggest the standards are anything but consistent.

Still, few “journalists” can sink the credibility of an outlet like Ben Collins.

Collins is a bottom-of-the-barrel reporter. He purports to cover disinformation while he simultaneously promotes left-wing disinformation.

He’s Taylor Lorenz but male and with an age not in dispute.

Per the report, NBC found Collins’ mocking of Musk’s general counsel for Twitter inappropriate. The whiny man also appeared on MSNBC last month begging viewers to leave Twitter to protest Musk’s purchase.

Ben Collins says while he wishes he could leave the social media service, his job forces him to remain in Elon Musk’s sea of bigotry.

In November, Collins called Musk a “de facto” endorser of anti-Semitism.

You ought to get the gist of his schtick by now. If it weren’t for CNN’s Oliver Darcy, Collins would claim Media Eunuch of the Year.


Semafor says Collins’ suspension is temporary and for an unknown period of time. Of course, public pressure could push NBC to lift the ban shortly.

As expected, Left-wing blue-checks are not taking the news kindly.

The tables have certainly turned. Thursday night, Twitter suspended a list of radical leftists for seven days after violating the company’s doxing policy by posting links to the precise location of Musk’s jet.

Now, here’s NBC banning a reporter from further spreading hyperbole.

There’s an argument to be had if these are proper practices. However, there’s little question that the hypocrisy is strong.

Learn to code. Private company. Build your own Twitter. Amirite?

Ben Collins has dedicated his career to pressuring companies to suppress opinions with which he does not agree. Ironically, NBC has now suppressed his.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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