WATCH: T-Wolves’ Pat Beverley Wipes His Butt With Lakers’ Sad Season

Timberwolves guard Pat Beverley is recognized, and sometimes admired, for his audacious taunting. Which also makes him one of the NBA's peskiest opponents.

On Wednesday, Pat Bev met with former intracity rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers, and noted adversary, LeBron James.

The stage was perfectly set for Beverley to have a moment.

With Los Angeles down 62-44 before the end of the first half, Beverley acknowledged the new season-low by the Lakers.

With a cocky gait, he went to their bench with the tip of his nose sealed by two fingers: reminding LA how much they've stunk all year.


Though the move was ruthless and a new addition to the highlight reel for Pat Bev, the classy gesture may still be seen as a euphemism for the Lakers' woes this season.

Missing LeBron and Anthony Davis for considerable stretches, along with never finding an adequate role for third wheel Russell Westbrook, the Lakers' deficiencies have led them to a 29-39 record with 13 games remaining in the season, sitting tenth in the Western Conference standings and playing like an easy out in the postseason.

Led by a defensive-minded head coach and losing in a vital month of basketball, the Lakers' lowest point of the season was certainly ass-deep in Minnesota.

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