Watch: Inside The NBA's Ernie Johnson Gives Incredible Speech On Selflessness

"I've got a get-to job, not a got-to job."

Seven-time Sports Emmy Award-winner Ernie Johnson hosts the best active television program devoted to the game of basketball.

As part of a four-man panel on TNT's Inside the NBA, EJ may often appear as the odd man out compared to the other three guys, who are all retired NBA legends, but he offers just as much to the show as his colleagues do.

EJ recently delivered an incredible speech to the Alabama football team, which offered sage insight on life, the NBA and teamwork.

Johnson discussed the importance of finding a role, embracing your responsibilities and working as a team.

"The reason our show is successful is because nobody tries to make it about themselves," admits Johnson. "Chuck's never tried to do that. Shaq's never tried to do that. Neither has Kenny.

"I'm trying to make these guys shine. It's about knowing your role; so what is your role? There's value in everybody. Everybody in our team … value at every position.

"Don't be afraid to go unscripted. When you step away from your agenda and notice that there are moments that can make somebody's life better ... that's all I try to teach my kids. When you wake up in the morning , 'how am I going to make somebody else's life better today?'

"There's a team much bigger than this. There is a team that's trying to make somebody's day better. That's all of us."

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